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Kiernan played G.I. Joe: The Game

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Kiernan said...
  • bored
Wow, could this be the worst game made for a next gen console? Jeeez, I know its all a matter of opinion, but d@mn. Will be mailing this back on the way to work. Those gamefly commercials about "never buy a bad game again". I so totally understand those people now. Worst game ever. This should've been made in like 1992 or something. Poor graphics, can't even control camera angle. Bad...just down right lame.
G.I. Joe: The Game

G.I. Joe: The Game (X360)

Genre/Style: Shooter/Third-Person 3D Shooter
Release Date: 04/AUG/09
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Ok so for an update I had to go ahead and turn it off. But not before completely deleting it from my game history. Wow, lame.
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